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 Cortex-a9 android 2.2 tablet

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PostSubject: Cortex-a9 android 2.2 tablet   Cortex-a9 android 2.2 tablet Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 2:53 am

Now android tablet is popular all over the world and more and more people use it for entertainment and business. It is more convenient than laptops when we go out.
cortex-a9 android 2.2 tablet is equipped with a 7-inch five points are the ability to display resolution is 800 * 480, with the core Cortex A9, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB of storage capacity, equipped with the Android operating system 2.2. Friends feel AML8726-M should know that the video is very strong. Play 1080P is a problem. Built in Mali-400 GPU also has a strong 3D performance. In addition, it also supports Wi-Fi and HDMI output.
Although this configuration can not say more powerful, it can be compared with the current 7-inch tablet Android. And the shocking affordable price also makes the cost of APAD C7 in the sky. A9-screen capability can make a low price, this Tablet PC. If you like the Tablet PC 7-inch if you ignore the resistive screen, and limited funds, then this 7-inch-5-point of the capacitive touch screen is your best choice. Of course, the configuration and price, one key is to see actual results. If the experience is bad, even the cheapest price, we will not lose money. So we still have a look at what APAD C7 may.
Cortex-a9 android 2.2 design is also very common is not a color of the stain. But in the digital era leader of Apple, he became aware of simple design. And too much change reduces product quality, as a 7-inch Tablet PC is used to transport, particularly in public places. The design is too complex a product may seem like a low-end products. Their application will be embarrassed.
I love it so much for its high performance and low price. It is very convenience for travel and business.
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Cortex-a9 android 2.2 tablet
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